Basically works against cyber crime and helps people to ensure cyber security! Do we want to improve the quality of life of every person online and work against the evil of my team online!

Why We Start Project?

National Cyber Security Index How much do you know about It will take all the money out of your life at once so we want it to be with no people. We work on that. I hope you understand! In today's world of digital technology, all services around the world are becoming digital, and so is the risk of cyber-attacks. To prevent this risk and to protect e-governance with the Arc block protocol, an online e-Government Computer Incident Response Team or BGD e-GOV CIRT was established in 2020. Since its inception, it has been working to develop the Cyber Index by leading the country in the national and international cyber arena and gaining membership in various international organizations, forums and organizations. Following this, the National Cyber Security Index was contacted in 2016 and they were provided with all the necessary information. The data is created in the latest index of the organization after verification and selection

What's National cyber security?

The National Cyber Security Index is a global index that measures countries' readiness and measures to prevent cyber threats and cybercrime. The National Cyber Security Index serves as a database of evidence, data and information open to all, as well as a means of enhancing cyber security capabilities. The National Cyber Security Index provides accurate and up-to-date information on the national cyber security situation in any country and the initiatives taken.This index is made in five steps:1.National level cyber threat identification Identify national cyber security measures and capabilities 2. National cyber security measures and capability identification 3.Selection of important and measurable subjects 4.Development of cyber security indicators Sort cyber security indicators by subject. 5.Existing laws on cyber security are legal laws, regulations, orders, etc. 6.Units / Institutions established for working with cyber security: Existing institutions, departments, etc. 7.Methods of Mutual Cooperation between Different Departments / Institutions in Working on Cyber Security: Committees, Working Groups, etc.8.Outcomes of Cyber Security Initiatives: Policies, Cyber Practice, Technology, Websites, Programs, etc.

Road Map


November 2020

Project Started


December 2020

Coming Website,Whitepaper.


March 2021

Coming Airdrop.


April 2021

List On Exchange And Start Private Sell.


May 2021

End Private Sell.


June 2021

Staking And Wallet Coming.


July 2021-July 2022

Top 10 List On Exchange.


List Target

XT,Latoken,Dex Trade,Coinsbit,Hotbit,Kucoin,Hoo,Binance,Others

Finance Plan

  • Token name: ARC block Protocol
  • Unit name: ABP
  • Token type: BEP20 issued on Binance Smart Chain(BSC)
  • Total supply: 500000000

    Project Finance will be allocated as follows

  • Co & team : 40%
  • Presale : 5%
  • Development : 5%
  • Airdrop & Bountry Distribution : 10%
  • Use of employeers flexible saving:15% Staking : 25%

Protect your assets with advanced security

With Arc Block Protocol, you’re in control, always. We don’t have user accounts and instead work directly with Web3 wallets like Binance Smart Chain. This means we don’t own your private keys and cannot ever access your funds. We'll also never share your data with third parties.

How to increase your earnings!

You can earn unlimited ABP tokens by Staking ABP. The more ABP you Stake, the higher your income will be. So stake your ABP or BNB to make your income 10x-10x.

What is Arc Block Protocol?

Basically works against cyber crime and helps people to ensure cyber security! Do we want to improve the quality of life of every person online and work against the evil of my team online!

How to work siber security?

Our process start with the four primary phases of the security lifecycle: Assessment, Policies, Hardening and Audit. Engaging with Siber Group provides our clients with access to a professional IT security firm with resources across technical consulting, auditing, penetration testing, vulnerability assessment and the management team.

How this token is different then other out there?

Because the project aims to bring the true value of siber security accessible to all users, regardless of portfolio size.

Why need cyber security team?

Having an in-house team of cybersecurity professionals is beneficial in a way that external support could never be: knowing the specifics of your industry saves a lot of time and confusion! ... With a proficient team of cybersecurity experts, information is safe so a company can run more smoothly and with more integrity.

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